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NCTCA Action Request regarding Line Compressor Station Facilities

Dear Neighbor or Fellow Neighborhood Leader,

You may or may not be aware that our current Fort Worth Gas Ordinance allows Line Compressor Station Facilities of unlimited size in AG agriculture and J industrial zoning " By Right " (without citizen notification, public hearings or approval of zoning commission or by City Council ) simply by filling a building permit. This means that at anytime an AG- zoned property owner near you could file a simple building permit to begin construction of an unlimited number of gas compressors with processing equipment near your homes, schools, or churches with all the pipelines, truck traffic and potentially explosive equipment that go along with these operations. Each one of these units are allowed up to 25 tons of annual VOC emissions.

We are Fort Worth Citizens for a Safer Gas Ordinance an action group of concerned Fort Worth Citizens. At our core is a group of East Fort Worth neighborhoods who recently spent over a year fighting the potential of a massive Gas Compressor Station/ Processing facility close to their neighborhood. We are contacting you now because this potential threat still exists for them and every other neighborhood in our city with AG-zoned and/or J-zoned property nearby. Our initial research indicates that many neighborhoods in our city may face this issue maybe yours' is such a neighborhood. Even if not yours' this IS a City wide issue. The ordinance language allowing this threatening reality MUST BE CHANGED ! PLEASE HELP US IN OUR ACTION to protect neighborhoods in our city! We are asking you to PLEASE write your City Council member ASAP to ask them to amend the Fort Worth Gas Ordinance to correct this serious flaw and oversight in the ordinance. We also ask that you contact your friends and neighbors in our city for their participation in our efforts to keep our city safe and protected. This is certainly a city wide issue that ALL citizens should be concerned about as emissions into our already non attainment air quality will certainly be impacted.

Below is a simple message to send to the Mayor and your Council Representative. also copy to All other Council members ( see contacts below ) . Please also send blind copy ( BBC ) to our action group at

We thank you in advance for you time, consideration and prompt assistance.

Best regards,
Gary Hogan 

President NCTCA and Member of Fort Worth Citizens for a Safer Gas Ordinance

Send the recommended message below to your Mayor and City Council of course feel free to add your own personal message.

Mayor Price, City Council and Council Member ( add your representatives name here ),

I am a citizen of Fort Worth City Council District ___.

I am concerned that our current Gas Drilling Ordinance allows Gas Line Compressor Station Facilities in AG agriculture and J Industrial zoning " BY RIGHT." My neighborhood and neighborhoods all across our city are faced with the onerous, unacceptable installation of potentially massive, unregulated in size or number, Gas Line Compressors without adjacent neighborhood notification, review, approval, public hearing input, or approval of our zoning commission or our City Council representatives.

This flaw in our current Gas Ordinance needs to be addressed as soon as possible. I ask you to bring this issue forward for corrective action immediately.

X _____________________________________
Address ________________________________
Phone Number___________________________

Send to:

Dist 8 :,
Danny Scarth:,
Frank Moss:,
Jungus Jordan:
Dennis Shingleton:,
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